Mobile lighting towers used in the rental market are expected to meet the requirements of all application sites. It is often a challenge to the Research and Development teams and manufacturers of such equipment.

Major demands for products:

Etonepower mobile lighting towers are used in a wide range of industries all over the world, such as mines, constructions sites, municipal construction and rescue and relief works etc. The lighting tower can be used under severe environments, providing ample light during both day and night working. The user can choose the applicable equipment according to the size of electricity consumption and the illumination brightness requirements. The lighting towers are easily operated and are able to run uninterruptedly with low noise levels at speeds of below 60km/h.

Owing to its stable performance, PowerLink lighting towers can offer a strong lighting capacity, ease of operation, a high degree of automation, and over ten years worth of technical development. PowerLink mobile lighting towers are widely applied in various outdoor activities all over the world.

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No. Major requirements Yes or No Features and benefits of PowerLink mobile lighting towers
1 Ambient temperature: 0~45 Altitude: 3000m


Ambient temperature: -5~45, altitude: below 1000m.
When it is above 1000m, calculated by the correction factor.
When the temperature is out of the range -5~45, an additional device is required to be installed.


Various lighting requirements


Multiple lighting outputs are available, such as 4*1000W, 4*1500W, 6*1000W and 8*1000W etc, and the illumination coverage reaches 1400m.


Additional power output is required to provide power supply for other equipment.


The generator set has 10%-30% redundant power for other power output purposes.
For a socket installation plate, various designs conforming to Japanese standard, EU standard, AU standard or US standard are available, which are quite simple, safe and convenient.


Fuel-efficient, cost-effective, easy to maintain.


Equipped with Perkins or Kubota engines and superior alternators, which are characterised by outstanding performance, ease of maintenance and low maintenance costs.


Continuous operation for a long time periods


The generator set is equipped with a fuel tank which can meet the requirements of 8 -12 running hours.
A DSE automatic control module allows all-dimensional monitoring of the machine.


Outstanding noise reduction performance, low noise level.


Soundproof canopy design obtains several patents for utility models, which can effectively reduce noise.
Noise level: 55-62dBA@7m


Convenient lifting, able to provide a 360o range of illumination.


The lighting tower is equipped with an automatic lifting button, which makes the mast lift to various heights.
The lamps can automatically rotate 180.
The mast can be manually adjusted within a 359range.


Use in the open air, severe operation environments,and with dust and water.


The canopy of the generator set is designed according to automobile design philosophy, which is characterised by a fully-closed structure, IP56 protection level, strong dustproof and waterproof capacities and can be worked under extremely severe environments.
The canopy is made of electrolytic plate sheet and is painted with world-class paint.


Used in harsh environments, strong wind proof capacity.


PowerLink specially designed generator sets,featuring strong rainproof and windproof capacities, and a lamp mast that can resist up to a class 8 typhoon.


Easy to install, operate and transport.


Equipped with a trailer which can run at a speed of 60km/h.
Generator set installation is not required.
Simple and safe power output.
Easy to operate.
Remote control via computer links.